The Nutrients Behind Healthy Hearing

Eating a balanced diet comprised of whole foods is always a good idea and promotes total body health, but certain nutrients are associated with healthy ears, including magnesium, potassium, zinc, folate, B12, and vitamins C, E, and A. Of these, two deserve special recognition for their overall link to hearing health and the fact that a majority of people don’t get enough of them.

Choosing the right hearing aids is one of the most important steps in recovering your hearing loss.  There are many versions of hearing aids that utilize technology in different ways. Number 5 is becoming a favorite. Read More

Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplifiers: Know the Difference

You’ve likely seen them advertised on television—small electronic sound amplifiers that allow users to enjoy nighttime TV without disturbing sleepers, or to hear their toddlers from many yards away.


While these personal sound amplifiers may help people hear things that are at low volume or at a distance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to ensure that consumers don’t mistake them—or use them as substitutes—for approved hearing aids.


Trinity Hearing Healthcare has been providing quality hearing health care to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 15 years.  Trinity Hearing is donating hearing aids to individuals with hearing loss for a “Hear for the Holidays” event. Hearing loss affects more than 48 million Americans and is the third most prevalent chronic problem in older people. Untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, a higher risk of falling and have a negative impact economically. Trinity Hearing hopes to raise awareness of this silent problem and give the gift of hearing for the holidays.


The selected nominees will have their hearing evaluated and recipients will be fit with their donated devices during the months of December and January.

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