Hearing Aid Pre-Purchase Checklist

Once you have gone to your primary physician and had a hearing test performed with results that you are a hearing aid candidate, you will need to consider this checklist before purchasing a hearing aid. Hearing aids are specialized towards helping improve your hearing quality and you need to ensure you are getting the right hearing aid that fits your needs.

  • Meet with an audiologist or hearing healthcare specialist. They will thoroughly explain all of your options and help guide you to choosing the best hearing aid that will suit you and your needs.
  • Make your selection based on suitability. Make sure you choose a hearing aid that has all the features you need to enhance your hearing. Make sure the hearing aid is easy for you to use and comfortable for you to wear. Do not choose a hearing aid based on looks or price.
  • Ask about the trial period. Make sure the hearing aid your purchase has a trial period that allows you to return the product for a refund if it does not work for you and your needs. This will allow you to test the product before fully investing in it.
  • Purchase from a specialized hearing healthcare professional. If you have already seen an audiologist they may have suggested a few brands of hearing aids that they feel would be a good fit, and many of them will provide the option of purchasing directly from them.

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