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Trinity Hearing Healthcare

At Trinity Hearing Healthcare, we understand how hearing loss can affect someone’s life. If you are suffering from hearing impairment or know someone who does, we can help you by providing the best quality care you need. As the best audiology clinic in Dallas Texas, we are determined to meet all your audiology needs.

Trinity Hearing Healthcare has several branches in Texas. You can visit our audiology clinic in Dallas, McKinney, and Garland. Our services include:

  • Mobile/ In-home Hearing Tests & Services
  • Pediatric Hearing Tests & Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance
  • Custom Earmolds & Earplugs
  • Earwax Clean & Removal
  • Tinnitus Therapy
  • Hearing Tests & Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

Trinity Hearing Healthcare is an audiology practice that aims to help people with hearing loss. Our clinic provides complete diagnostic evaluations and fittings of hearing aids. Trinity Hearing Healthcare is a family owned business. Dr. Hector Kypuros is born and raised here in Texas and knows a thing or two of what true southern hospitality is.

Our very own Dr. Hector Kypuros, has been in the hearing industry for over twenty-one years, he is licensed to practice audiology in Texas. His passion is to help others lead a healthy life by offering the best audiology services in Dallas, Texas.

At Trinity Hearing Healthcare, we can help you every step of the way. Contact us today, and let us provide you with the best hearing aids to fit your needs. Schedule an appointment now to have your hearing tested.

We are the Best Hearing Aid Programming Provider in Dallas TX

We are proud to announce that Trinity Hearing has been selected as 1 of the top ten Audiology Clinics in Texas by Yelp. We only have our patients to thank for this honor.

With more than 21 years in the industry, we have earned an excellent reputation as one of the leading audiology clinics in the state and nearby cities. We provide top-notch healthcare services to ensure our clients’ needs are always met.

Trinity Hearing Healthcare is a locally owned and operated private practice audiology clinic. We have proudly served DFW and surrounding areas since 1999. Our commitment to providing first-rate audiological services is incomparable.

If you have been experiencing hearing issues, need hearing aid repair, or are looking for custom earmolds and custom earplugs, it’s time to visit the nearest Trinity Hearing Healthcare in Dallas, Mckinney, and Garland, Texas. From booking an appointment to accommodating our clients to their check-ups, we ensure that all our patients feel safe and satisfied with our services. Please book an appointment now and see why we are the best hearing aid provider in Dallas TX.

Why Choose the Best Hearing Aid Provider in Dallas TX?

Trinity Hearing Healthcare offers a free hearing test to evaluate. Also, we can help you choose the best type of hearing aid. Here’s why you should choose us:

Hector Kypuros is the owner and founder.

Since 1999, Dr. Hector Kypuros has been providing top-notch audiology services, earning him an excellent reputation in the audiology industry. Many institutions recognize his outstanding service as an audiology practitioner. As the owner and founder of Trinity Hearing Healthcare, patients are guaranteed world-class audiology care.

When you find yourself in need of new hearing care, you’ll find what you need at a price you can afford at Trinity Hearing Healthcare – the best audiology clinic in Dallas, TX. You’ll find the highest quality hearing aids in our top-of-the-line facility.

We offer a free consultation.

Our trained audiologists can help you determine the best action for your unique ear needs. With an industry-leading clinic and knowledgeable staff, you will surely be satisfied with Trinity Hearing Healthcare’s audiology services.

Trinity Hearing Healthcare is the best place to start your journey to better hearing. We are not only home to some of the hottest hearing aids, but we are also known for our top-of-the-line hearing center, variety of programs, a full line of hearing aids, and the newest state-of-the-art equipment in the state. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Audiologists in Dallas TX: Meet Dr. Hector Kypuros

Trinity Hearing Healthcare has a team of audiologists in Dallas TX dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care. They have experience in various fields, including pediatrics, audiology, and amplification. Their services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, diagnostic testing, amplification, and custom hearing aids.

You can also depend on them to provide follow-up care. The doctors at Trinity Hearing Healthcare are all the best in their field.

Dr. Hector Kypuros

Dr. Hector Kypuros is one of the most well-known audiology physicians in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He owns and operates Trinity Hearing Healthcare, which boasts many services and technologies, including a hearing aid lab and is one of the very few Doctors in the business who will make house calls. His responsibilities include providing hearing aids for patients with disabilities and training and testing personnel to provide audiological support to those in need.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hearing health arena, Hector is a true asset to his community. He is considered by many as one of the best audiologists in Texas.

What Our Clients Says

Don AlongiDon Alongi
22:36 13 Jul 22
Dr. Kypuros is the ONLY Audiologist I trust with my severe hearing loss. I have been a patient for over (8) years. I drive from Houston for fittings, purchases, and testing. Dr. Kypuros is professional, extremely thorough, and willing to find the BEST hearing aid in my budget to help me. No matter the Location, all his offices are staffed, and professional. I have always been seen quickly, and never seem to be rushed during the office visit. IF you are looking for a Dr. that will be honest, willing to go above and beyond to help, Dr. Kypuros will not disappoint
Tony SaltyTony Salty
21:57 10 May 22
Very friendly and honest. Actively listened to us and helped me with my hearing problems. 100% would recommend!
Ranor FryRanor Fry
21:09 11 Apr 22
Dr. Kypuros is knowledgeable and patient with his patients. He can quickly diagnose a problem and resolve it. He is aware of a persons' financial needs and works to best resolve all hearing problems within a patient's limitations. His demeanor is professional and comforting. His level of competence would be difficult to match.
Victor VazquezVictor Vazquez
21:55 20 Oct 21
Dr. Hector and his staff are great. During my first visit he was very transparent and straight to the point, which I appreciate and prefer. In this culture we live today where everyone is afraid to say something for fear of offending one it is nice to have a person who is responsible for your care that’s gonna tell you what you need to hear not want to hear. Thank you sir for that!My experience at the Firewheel office has always been quick but thorough and always professional. Plenty of parking spaces, and a super clean office building. I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Hector if you’re looking for a good ol’ honest interaction with a healthcare provider that is on it for the right reasons. Healthcare that gives people what they need not what they want.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Shari PetrinoShari Petrino
17:54 31 Jul 20
Hector is the best! Very knowledgeable and professional. I need powerful hearing aids in order to communicate, and Hector matched me up with an outstanding pair! Thank you for splendid service!
Gee-Gee SiesGee-Gee Sies
21:42 22 Oct 18
Dr Hector is excellent, has the latest technology, techniques, and was able to develop a custom program for my needs in a short time. He spent time helping me understand my hearing capabilities, and how the latest tools can custom-configure prescriptive solutions for many types of situations for the current technology to assist me overcome my disability.

Our Locations

Frisco/McKinney Clinic

3900 S StonebridgeDr #1002
McKinney, TX 75070
Office: 214-357-1144
Fax: 214-350-8086
Directions: Custer and Stonebridge Dr.

Dallas Clinic

3128 Forest LaneSuite #232 Dallas, TX 75234
Office: 214-357-1144
Fax: 214-350-8086
Directions: Forest and Marsh ln

Garland - Firewheel Mall

675 Town Square Blvd#200
Garland, TX 75040
Office: 214-357-1144
Fax: 214-350-8086
Directions: Door next to Carters Baby Clothing 2nd


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How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Are you having trouble communicating and keeping up in conversation? Do words sound muffled or hard to understand? Have family members or friends noticed you are not hearing as well? These can all be signs and symptoms of hearing loss. Our clinic’s provide advanced hearing tests and evaluations to determine if you have a hearing loss and, if necessary, recommend the best possible solutions to meet your individual needs.

Which design will work best for my type of hearing loss?

Our audiologist will help you select the best hearing aid style based on your degree of hearing loss, the shape of your outer ear, the size and shape of the ear canal, your ability to place and adjust the device, and any other specifications of your hearing loss needs.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aid prices vary depending upon the style and technology that would best accommodate your hearing loss. Basic hearing aids are less expensive but are limited in the features. More advanced hearing aids are more expensive but offer different  features and modern technology. 

Our specialists will work with you to determine your needs and preferences and provide you with different options and solutions.

What are my payment options?

Our goal is to make hearing aids as affordable as possible for all patients. While we accept most major insurances, individual coverage and benefits vary by carrier and treatment. 

Other forms of payment:

  • We accept cash, check, and all debit or credit cards

We offer 0% financing through CareCredit; some restrictions apply. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that allows you to make convenient monthly payments. Click here >> for more information about CareCredit.

How do I care for my hearing aids?

Avoid repair costs by keeping your hearing aids clean, dry and free from ear wax. Cleaning them at the end of each day, usually before bed, will give them ample time to air out before you put them in again.

To clean your hearing aids:

  • Focus your cleaning on the openings in the device including the microphone ports using a soft-bristle toothbrush or a brush provided by your audiologist to remove built-up wax. 
  • Finish by wiping the entire device with a clean, dry cloth or audio wipe. 
  • Schedule regular clean & checks with your provider to ensure proper functionality of your device.

How can I keep my hearing aids functioning properly?

In order to maintain functionality and longevity, it is very important to keep your hearing aids dry and away from extreme temperatures. 

Follow these tips to keep your hearing aids dry:

  • Open the battery door overnight.
  • Wipe the battery door dry when replacing your battery.
  • Do not leave your hearing aids in the bathroom or anywhere with large amounts of moisture in the air.
  • Dry hair and hands before wearing hearing aids.
  • Avoid wearing hearing when sweating.

How long will it take to get used to my hearing aids?

Hearing aids typically need to be replaced after about five years. New programmable and digital hearing aids, which can be adjusted as the level of hearing changes over time, may reduce the need for replacement.

How do I care for my hearing aids?

It can take up to four months for you to get accustomed to your hearing aids and to really get the most out of them. You will notice small changes right from the start, but it's important to be patient in the process of adapting to them. If you have questions or concerns about your progress, be sure to call our clinic to receive professional guidance and support.

Trinity Hearing Healthcare

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